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With a total score of 43.98, Uruguay is the most recommended country in Latin America to start an online business after Chile. For some years now, the North American company Best Accounting Software has been in charge of evaluating accounting programs so that small companies, self-employed workers and NGOs can choose, thanks to their reviews, the software […]

The changes in international trends resulting from the health crisis may represent an opportunity for Uruguay, which, thanks to its resilience, macroeconomic stability, institutional quality and quality of life, continues to be an attractive destination for FDI. The Competitive Intelligence area of ​​Uruguay XXI presented this week the new Report on Foreign Direct Investment […]

The pandemic blocked several projects that were underway but also put Uruguay on the radar of some businessmen. Uruguay's free zones are experiencing a somewhat contradictory situation. On the one hand, the arrival of the virus in the country caused several projects that were aimed to settle in those territories to stop. But […]

Technological investment both at the logistical level and in the packing and transportation process has brought not only important advances in saving and optimizing delivery times, but also improvements in communication between all parties. The new demands of the modern world require leading companies in the field to improve their […]

Change management
17 December, 2018

Change management takes advantage of developments in the organizational environment to benefit organizations, anticipating changes and creating a flexible business structure capable of responding to them. Change management, in addition to presenting a competitive advantage for the companies that manage and promote it efficiently, promotes intelligent efforts, […]

What is procurement logistics?
6 December, 2018

Supply logistics involves everything related to receiving goods and optimizing the reception processes; aims to guarantee supply, as economically as possible, especially to companies that have yet to transform goods or raw materials, as well as to retailers who are ready to put the product in the hands of the end customer. E is […]

Any activity, whether industrial, commercial or service, coexists with various factors that influence their performance and competitiveness. A successful logistics management is the key to making a difference throughout the process in order to optimize results. "Take the right product to the right place at the right time" is a definition […]

Increased investment and transformation of free zones in sustainable trading platforms and global services were the focus of a presentation by Juan Opertti, director of the Chamber of Free Zones of Uruguay (CZFUY) during the First Meeting of Officials governmental and Working Table Virtual Trade […]