Benefits of
WORKING in Uruguay

  • Social and political stability
  • Continued economic growth and investment
  • Regimes attractive free zones, free ports, airports and large free tax breaks for investments.
  • Access to Mercosur free trade area with a GDP of U $ S 2 billion.
  • Best cost-benefit ratio of the workforce in the region.
  • Highest penetration of internet, broadband and PC in Latin America.
  • Latin America’s most reliable electrical supply.
  • First class port infrastructure in Montevideo, we are a regional networking hub
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Know How: Consulting for industries
  • Added value for products
  • Coordination of forms and formalities
  • Security and surveillance
  • Qualified employees
  • Customized projects

Benefits of

Benefits of

  • Continued economic growth and investment, political and social stability.
  • Coordination of procedures and projects tailored products processing and consulting industries.
  • Regimes attractive free zones, free ports, airports and ample free tax exemptions for investments.
  • We are part of MERCOSUR.
  • Best cost-benefit labor in the region.
  • Highest penetration of internet, broadband and PC in Latin America.
  • The most reliable electricity supply in Latin America.
  • port infrastructure, security and surveillance premier in Montevideo.
  • I learn more (Goes to the page that contains the most detailed services).

Have a company dynamic and flexible is a great contribution to the capabilities Logistics from the Free Zone.


Mario Maneyro, Financial Manager of PepsiCo Mfg. Co. Co. of Uruguay

All the needs of Sullair Argentina S.A. were always attended to impeccably. I would also like to highlight the treatment we have received from all the personal of Inmove. For all this, I consider the services of Inmove Logistics highly recommended.


Eduardo Zarabozo, Management of O&M Sullair Factories Argentina S.A.

On behalf of JAS Forwarding Worldwide Uruguay andWe are very grateful for the level of professionalism and great dedication of your people every time we work together.


Pablo Melo, Managing Director, JAS Forwarding Worldwide Uruguay.

Are clients of Inmove from the first day they began to provide services. In the longor 10 years Inmove has always proven to be able to find a solution to any logistical challenge we face. I highlight above all the permanent predisposition to provide very satisfactory solutions for us as customers. Thank you and hopefully we will continue working together for many more years.


Andrew Mc Connell, Operations Manager de Sienz Company.

INMOVE, a company made up of honest, serious and committed people with quality, flexible and agile services so that businesses flow.

S.M.A.C. sc

Germán Pereira, Directos de S.M.A.C

From Inmove Logistics it is worth highlighting the service they have provided us throughout all these years, we have always obtained satisfactory answers not only in the logistical aspect, but also in the commercial and administrative aspect.

palm tree

Roberto Beccalua, Foreign Trade Manager at Grupo Palmero.

The possibility of operating in the Colonia Free Trade Zone with Inmove Logistics gives us great peace of mind due to its constant commitment and responsibility. I mainly highlight the people, the humane treatment and always the goodwill despite any difficulty.


Juan Pablo Pagola, Foreign Trade Analyst at Secco, Argentina.

I highlight the predisposition above all, the good will before our demand and the commitment to face new challenges. I would recommend them because they will find solutions to possible logistics problems.


Bruno López, Plant Manager at Arcángel Maggio.

The professionalism that characterizes them makes it possible for us to provide an excellent service to our clients in what refers to the Free Zone, from the operational to the regulatory.


Mateo Machín, Head of Logistics Coordination, Waiver Logistics Uruguay.

I highlight Inmove's ability to provide solutions, as well as its flexibility and commitment to adapt to customer requirements.


Diego Nairac, General Manager, Starfish Logistics.

Inmove Logistics provides a high quality service, both technical and human. Its profile of providing comprehensive solutions makes business in the Free Zone easier and more productive.

We knew the company through clients in common and Inmove knew how to understand the requirements we had in order to project ourselves abroad and do it efficiently from a tax point of view.


Juan Dalmas, Partner of Estudio Terrasol.

We are pleased to work with a company in the area that is willing to create added value to our business, and committed to the fundamental pillars of Montes del Plata, prioritizing people's safety as well as caring for the environment.


Alejandro Islas, Supervisor of Chemical Warehouses of Montes del Plata.


Source: https://elecodigital.com.uy/sociedad/martin-chico-avanza-el-proyecto-para-megapuerto-de-1-500-millones-de-dolares/?fbclid=IwAR0nD0oCM2NexA844brlb0vDwLGTu088vmGvf4LyX6aXU2cousFjABfmJjo Today at 12 noon , in the Tomás Berreta room of the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works, the Public Hearing was held that is required so that the firm Mangle S.A can use the River Plate River for the construction and operation of Multipurpose Port Terminals in the area […]

Source: The growth of areas of Uruguay where average salaries of US$3,000 are paid and hundreds of millions are invested – EL PAÍS Uruguay (elpais.com.uy) In 2021, the free zones installed in Uruguay increased their contribution to the Uruguayan economy, after representing 6.18% of the Gross Domestic Product, according to MEF figures. […]


Cassanello s/n
Block D | Predio 9
Zona Franca
Colonia del Sacramento

+59 8 4523 0276


Cassanello s/n
Block D | Predio 9
Zona Franca
Colonia del Sacramento

+59 8 4523 0276