Smart logistics,a service focused in the consumer
14 September, 2018

Consumers today increasingly demand more personalized services customized to your lifestyle and schedule. That is why smart logistics is here to stay and to help companies in the sector to provide answers optimized to the demands of its customers.

It is able to deliver orders in the shortest possible time, less than the competitors in accordance with an optimized quality service and customers continue to be satisfied. And for that, smart logistics will greatly help.

Thus, in order to continue intelligent logistics services, 4.0, or Smart logistics organizations should be recycled in technology, getting to create a supply chain focused on the consumer. In addition to digitize every single step of it.

What is smart logistics?
But we had not yet talked about what it really means intelligent logistics, it is a service that focuses on the Internet of things. Basing their processes sensors, processors and different communication protocols to provide the most personalized service to consumers.

In other words, it uses an interconnection, and the opening of new interfaces and algorithms to ensure the most customized production and management more efficient and adapted to the demand shipments. And all this, achieving a reduction in inventories and costs, and optimizing routes and geolocation, and knowledge of the location of customers.

In short, it is to get smart supply chains thanks to the digitization of all processes. Openness to new technologies that lead to the transport and logistics industry to optimize their resources.

What other technologies smart logistics is served?
Besides the internet of things, logistics 4.0 makes benefit of other kind of technology, such as Big Data, which allows us to create optimized routes based on the information of the cloud. Avoiding jams and picking the quickest zones. All this, thanks to the analysis of million data.

The blockchain technology that helps to reduce deadlines and additional costs and human error ... 3D printing (which reduces the number of inventory, enables the fact of offering global availability and long-term, get immediate zero cost of transport and delivery ) and designing new robots (allowing automation of operations in the functions of storage, handling and preparation of orders) are other technologies that are revolutionizing the industry.

Also it is working on drones, autonomous vehicles, last mile logistics, intelligent storage lockers or even air. All seeking to reduce delivery times to the maximum (even one day) and get the highest quality services possible.

SOURCE: http://blogdelogistica.es/logistica-inteligente-un-servicio-enfocado-al-consumidor/

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